Smart TV Automations

I have an LG Smart TV which I’ve connected to Home Assistant and I use it in a range of automations, which I’ve showcased in this YouTube video.

This is a companion post for a video that I made for my Home Automation Guy YouTube channel.

Connecting your Smart TV to Home Assistant

There are many smart TVs that can connect to Home Assistant. The best place to get started is on the Home Assistant integrations page. Here you can see if your TV is supported and get instructions on how to add it to Home Assistant.

Types of TV Automation

I generally split TV automations into two categories.

The first category contains things that happen automatically when the TV is turned on, or set to a specific state. This could be setting mood lighting when a particular App is started on the TV, or closing the curtains when the TV is first turned on to reduce glare.

The second category contains things that can be done to the TV when something happens around the house. For example you can display a text message on the TV when the doorbell detects a person, or display the doorbell camera on the television if someone presses it.

Smart TV Automations

Here is a list of the automations that I have created that use my LG Smart TV. If you click on any of these you’ll be taken to a post showing you more information about each so that you can re-create them in your own smart home.