Easily automate your existing curtains and blinds

In this blog post I show you how you can automatically open and close your existing curtain and blinds using some speciality controllers and Home Assistant automations.

This blog post is based on this video I made for my Home Automation Guy YouTube channel.

Which Blind and Curtain controllers?

For the curtains, I use the SwitchBot curtain controller with a Solar Panel attachment so that I never need to recharge their batteries. For the blinds, I’m currently using the Zemismart Zigbee Roller blind curtain motor.

Blinds and Curtains in Home Assistant

Blinds, curtains, awnings and garage doors are all considered Cover entities in Home Assistant – because they Cover the window or door. They can be opened or closed using the up and down arrows on the entity card, or you can use the slider to set a position between 0 and 100.

Position 0 is fully closed, 100 is fully opened and 50 is half way.

Screenshot of Home Assistant showing a roller blind Cover entity

Curtain and Blind automations in Home Assistant

Here is a list of the Curtain and Blind automations that I use in my house. The links below will take you to detailed instructions for how to set up that automation in your own Home Assistant setup.